Hire Malaysian with the Employer of Record
Let us hire employees on your behalf to quickly onboard employees in 100+ countries without the cost and extra admin.
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How It Work

We handle complexity, you focus on growth

You usually need to open a local entity to hire an employee in another country.
 It can take a lot of time, along with the ongoing payroll and HR admin. 
With our Employer of Record product, we hire employees on your behalf who work for you just like the rest of your team.

Expand your talent pool

With legal entities in 100+ countries and expert visa support, onboard worldwide employees from anywhere.

Let us handle compliance

We handle everything, so you’re compliant when it comes to contracts, minimum wage, terminations, and other local laws.

Spend less time on payroll

Pay everyone with one bulk payment and we will manage the hard stuff like tax deductions, pensions, benefits, and government fees.

More control and more automation